Terms and Conditions

  1. We guarantee the material of the cover for one year from the date of purchase. Should your cover break within this timeframe we will repair or replace the cover. Note we do not guarantee the products against usage outside the recommended normal use for each product. Refer point 4 and Individual product descriptions.
  2. Finishes & Painting are not Expressly guaranteed by Form Prosthetics. We use high grade paints that have been formulated for maximum flex and adhesion to our products. We also offer a re-painting service should this be desired.
  3. Form Covers are custom made tailored to the individual every time. As a result each cover will vary in its size and shape in accordance with the wearer’s body and Prosthesis. Similarly the shape of the covers will be adjusted slightly as required to accommodate or give clearance from protruding prosthesis componentry. As a result of this personalisation, the covers demonstrated as samples in clinics and in marketing material will differ in final appearance to the cover bought by each wearer. Our designers take pride in ensuring each cover is adjusted each time to give the best looking, most functional outcome while staying true to the demonstrated design. As a result of this customisation, Form covers are not refundable or exchangeable.
  4. Form prosthetic covers are made using top quality 3D printed Materials. The strength of the covers and resistance to impact varies by design based on the pattern of subtracted material and its thickness in the particular model. All covers are designed for regular day to day wear and to withstand the occasional light bump or knock. Excessive impact, pressure or flex may cause breakage and as such only some covers are recommended for highly active lifestyle use. Direct impacts common in circumstances such as team sport or ball sport should be avoided. Wearers should note the product description for each particular model supplied on the FormProsthetics.com website prior to choosing the cover appropriate for them.
  5. Form Prosthetic covers are water resistant against splashing with fresh water. The covers should be dried well after being wet and may be wiped with a cloth for cleaning. If exposed to salt water rinse well, promptly, and dry. Covers are not designed for swimming or to be submerged in water.

Additionally Form Prosthetics recognise the rights of Consumers in Accordance with Australian Consumer Law; Form Prosthetics therefore recognise and abide by the below listed Terms in accordance with the Competition and Consumer Act (2010). For Comprehensive details of Australian Consumer Law please refer to the ACCC.

Particularly Form Prosthetics note the following:
1. Acceptable quality
Form Prosthetics guarantee that goods are of acceptable quality when sold to a consumer.

    Consumer Law Test for acceptable quality -
    Goods are of acceptable quality when a reasonable consumer, fully aware of the goods’ condition (including any defects) would find them:
    • fit for all the purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied.
    • acceptable in appearance and finish.
    • free from defects.
    • safe.
    • durable; ie must function for a reasonable time after purchase, without breaking down.

    Circumstances under which the guarantee of acceptable quality does not apply -
    • If Goods fail to be of acceptable quality due to:
    – the consumer causes them to become of unacceptable quality or does not take reasonable steps to prevent them from becoming of unacceptable quality
    – the consumer uses the goods in an ‘abnormal’ manner
    – the consumer examines the goods and that examination should reasonably have revealed that the goods were not of acceptable quality
    – the supplier informs the consumer of a particular fault and the consumer still agrees to buy them (however the guarantee may apply if there is a different fault).

    Goods are not expected to be indestructible; a consumer’s use of goods can affect the durability of those goods.

    2. Match description
    Form Prosthetics guarantee that their description of goods (for example, in a catalogue or advertisements) is accurate. As Form Prosthetic covers are custom designed for each consumer’s size, body shape and Prosthesis, it must be noted that the images presented in Marketing are a representation illustrating the design for a generic leg. We do our best to adjust the profile and shape to suit each individual case while maintaining the appearance and pattern of the design as best we can. The interfacing with components will affect the appearance somewhat case-by-case.

      3. Repairs and spare Parts
      Form Prosthetics guarantee they will take reasonable steps to provide spare parts and appropriate repair options, for 12 Months after the date of purchase.